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Welcome / 欢迎

Welcome to my website!

Whoami / 我是谁

About me.

I like ACG, Music, Programming & Archive Things.

C, Lua & Go is my favourite.

Project / 坑

Steam Code Redeemer - Redeem from command line.

Pikimusic - Pikimusic is the best [email protected]#king musician community in the world.


Links / 链接

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Come to my blog. I post shit.

Old blog is now archived on sdf.org! Check it out!

I'm on Mastodon now!(Another Mastodon account on sdf.org.)

Submarine cable map

Here is a micro httpd server.

TempleOS is awesome. Learn HolyC now or download the OS!

Don't use Youtube. Use Invidio!

Perkeep is a great idea.

Ping your server today!

Yes, VS Code can do that!

Remember, All software sucks!

Web Security - TLS Everywhere, not https: URIs by Tim Berners-Lee

Epilogue / 结语

This page uses txti. You should try it today to make your own motherfucking websites.

The original idea of the web was that it should be a collaborative space where you can communicate through sharing information. -- Tim Berners-Lee

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Nothing online is 100% secure. If you have something very sensitive to say, do it offline.

Refreshing honesty, and something to keep in mind -- Trust No One.

Companies, Internet Service Providers and GOVERNMENT -- Those are the hunters, hoarders and scavengers in the ecosystem of the metadata society.

When you are literally fighting for your life online, NEVER put all your trust into one company or service.

Do you really need email accounts at N different providers? Each one has to be secured. Really need accounts at Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, 20 different online stores, etc? Each one is a possible security or privacy problem. Really need 5 credit cards and accounts at 5 banks? Reduce, simplify.

"The 'S' in 'IoT' stands for 'Security'."

You are not a customer. You are the product, and you are merely a commodity. Have you ever heard of "commodity support"?

Update: 2019-05-05

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